Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Viktorious - When We Were 10

Few weeks ago I told you about exciting solo-debut of Sugarplum Fairy brother Viktor as Viktorious, then I supposed that soundtrack to his impressive teaser is going to become his first single but I was wrong as the real debut single is right here below, different song but not disappointing at all!
"When We Were 10" turned to be quite amazing mix of indie-pop (Viktor couldn't leave his roots completely) with a massive electro-sound and quite poppy melody, whole thing sounds very internationally, I'd say it's like Killers going Pet Shop Boys. Very tasty track having huge potential to become this season hit. Photo for cover of the single is done by Mattias Lindblom (Vacuum) and it's not the last Vacuum credits for forthcoming Viktorious album - they've written and produced two songs together with Viktor (not confirmed if "When We Were 10" is one of them though).

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