Sunday, November 7, 2010

Night of schlager-duets

Here is a small weekend treatment for all schlager-crazies.
Magnus Carlsson and Pernilla Wahlgren performed old Pernilla's hit "Svindlande Affärer" on Bingolotto and what can you expect from a couple of Melodifestivalen-veterans? Right, highest concentration of schlageristic energy with all those schlager-poses, singing back to back and 100% perfect vocals.
Nanne took part in current season of Doobidoo and performed Alice Cooper's "Poison" with comic Måns Möller and though vocal is not the strongest Måns' side but still Nanne always brings loads of joy to the stage and together they looked really not bad.
And a little bit bit slowing down tempo - another Doobidoo-duet - gorgeous Lisa Nilsson and Samuel Ljungblahd performed cover of Donny Hathaway and Roberta Flack's "Where Is The Love", it's not schlager but calm soul performance, very enjoyable as both artists are the owners of very beautiful vocals so hope you're gonna like it!

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Bra val

Damian said...

Tack! :)