Saturday, November 6, 2010

Petter's evening on "Så mycket bättre"

This week on "Så mycket bättre" artists prepared their covers for Petter's songs and it's actually not so easy task for pop-artists to make interesting covers for rap-artist (actually many participants has complicated format and completely different music).
Christer Sandelin has made interesting cover of "Vinden har vänt" with light raggae touch. Di Leva provided very atmospherical charming indie-version of "Min egen kärleksaffär". Lill-Babs "Så klart" has gone a bit latino chill-out. Lasse Berghagen has made ballad-version of "Längesen" (featuring Veronica Maggio in original version). Plura's cover of "Logiskt" has ended up in pop-rock version. Finally the most interesting for us performance again was provided by Petra Marklund and this time she has made dance-version of "Mikrofonkåt", Petra already has shown her ballad and indie side but there's no need to say that Petra's genre is dance so she not only sounded but looked completely perfect and comfortable in this cover!

Di Leva - Min egen kärleksaffär
Lill-Babs - Så klart
Christer Sandelin - Vinden har vänt
September - Mikrofonkåt
Lasse Berghagen - Längesen
Plura - Logiskt

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Laura (EuropeCrazy) said...

I'm not familiar with the original so can't compare it, but I thought Petra was brilliant! I can't get this song out of my head now - and it's great to hear her singing in Swedish.

What a brilliant TV programme idea too. Very original and different.

Damian said...

Seems like Sweden has also appreciated this idea a lot. Watching whole videos it's very sweet to see what a warm atmosphere they have on a show becoming real families. It's not about competition, only about friendship, love, home. I bet Mikrofonkåt can become very big hit in Sweden, just they don't have to keep it too long before release.