Monday, November 8, 2010

Darin, Nanne, Anna Bergendahl in new calendar from Caroline Roosmark

Caroline Roosmark - one of the most famous photographers of country is publishing brand new calendar "Men and Women of The Year". Every year she delievers utterly inspiring collection of photos presenting the most popular musicians, jornalists, actors and other famous people in some marvelous images you can hardly imagine in and this time we've got another amazing collection of her works released in collaboration with project helping children raised by lonely parents in difficult financial terms. Everything's arranged in strict budget limits as no one gets paid and take participation on a good will but feels like collection of real photo-masterpieces, isn't it great to see Darin as Oliver Twist, Anna Bergendahl as Thumbelina or Helen Sjöholm as Mata Hari? Among others you can also see Nanne, Nicke Borg, Rikard Wolff, Charlotte Kalla and many other well-known names.
Check previous calendars and order new calendar helping kids and getting this piece of art with some beloved Swedish celebrities on the site of Caroline.

3 коммент.:

Paul said...

Oh am loving this calendar, particularly Darin. He looks adorable. And like he will launch into singing Drowning at any second but in a stage school style with jazz hands. Amaze.

Anonymous said...

Cute :)

Damian said...

Sitting Darin looks so-so young, isn't he? I'd say he's 13-15 here. It was definitely great idea with this image :)