Saturday, November 6, 2010

Idol Allstars 2010 - All I Need Is You

As obvious we keep our hands on pulse of Swedish Idol show and very-very soon you'll get my review of the latest episode but right now I'd like to present new hit-release from Idol.
Not so long ago we've got unplugged compilation of the most successful covers of Idol-participants "Det bästa från Idol 2010 Audition" out and there's possibility that we're gonna get another one soon. I haven't put my hands on this disk yet but due to samples it's gonna be one of the best Idol-compilations so far and it feels like Idol-selection this year contained 100% ready artists (at least sounding perfect in studio). You can see tracklist below.
This week all finalists of Idol (except Alice) performed brand new song "All I Need Is You" written by Andreas Carlsson, Kristian Lundin, Enrique Iglesias and Kalle Engström. It's a charity song in collaboration with UNICEF and it hasn't take more than 1-2 hours to rocket to #1 of Swedish iTunes chart. It's not standard Idol ballad but warm half-acoustic pop-song that people can sing along in a close company next to fireplace and watching whole Idol-family together again undoubtfully was very pleasant. You can check studio version of the song here and also demo with Andreas Carlsson's vocal here.

Tracklist of "Det bästa från Idol 2010 Audition":
1. Linnea Henriksson - Jumpin’ Jack Flash
2. Jay Smith - Black Jesus
3. Alice Hagenbrant - Samson
4. Geir Rönning - Need You Now
5. Elin Blom - Nothing Else Matters
6. Linda Varg - Bubbly
7. Andreas Weise - Sunny
8. Olle Hedberg - The Scientist
9. Minnah Karlsson - I’m Not Ready To Make Nice
10. Sassa Bodensjö - Weak
11. Daniel Norberg - Don’t look back in anger

5 коммент.:

Joe Ronald said...

Idol show from around the world always interesting for me. Nice post.

Paul said...

love this song, love that it is an original tune - not like shameful cover of Bowie's Heroes that x factor is putting out. But when will people learn that Second best to none by Hotel Rival/Abba is the perfect x factor/idol group song to sing?!

Tessie said...

I find their accent so cute ^^

Damian said...

Thank you Joe. Swedish Idol is utterly interesting talent-show that made me its fan few years ago and made me HUGE fan during previous season. Hope you'll get interested as well :)

How great that you've mentioned it Paul! I've completely forgotten about this song but it's trully great. Do you imagine it has charted only one week at the very bottom of chart (#54). How underestimated it was! Otherwise as All I Need Is You keeps #1 on iTunes in a week after release I hope we're gonna get something like this in next seasons.

Really Tessie? Probably I'm listening to participants already too long so can't see anything special in accents but I trust you :)

Mervin said...

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