Monday, November 29, 2010

Robyn - Body Talk (3rd EP and final compilation)

Robyn's third pard of trilogy "Body Talk" is finally out in Sweden on previous week together with final compilation "Body Talk" containing 5 songs from every of 3 EPs. So we've logically lost acoustic versions of "Dancing On My Own" and "Hang With Me" and 4 another tracks and we officially miss "Include Me Out" and "Jag Vet En Dejlig Rosa" but still consider final album as real pop-masterpiece that has made many people who even weren't Robyn's fans before follow her career whole year.
Few months ago Robyn presented beautiful acoustic track "Indestructible" with magnificent strings arrangement on previous EP that on "Body talk Pt.3" turned to electropop younger sister of "Dancing On My Own" and "Hang With Me" - light and delicate, maybe not with the same huge hit-potential but still reaching Top-10 in Sweden. However third Robyn's album this year has got some even more exciting thing - "Time Machine" collaboration between Robyn and Swedish biggest export-hitmaker Max Martin mixing some best moments in music of both - fragile sensitivity of Robyn's melodies and magic catchiness of Max Martin's stuff. It's not yet confirmed yet if it's gonna be the next single of Robyn or any of the rest 3 new tracks: "Call Your Girlfriend" - more dynamic and less dramatic version of "Dancing On My Own" with flying huge chorus, "Get Myself Together" - cheerful pop-song with catchy rhythm and "Stars 4-Ever" - colder club-track repetetive but light enough not to be boring. However here's best track of "Body Talk Pt.3" and new enjoyable performance of "Indestructible".

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