Thursday, November 25, 2010

Mohombi feat. Akon - Dirty Situation

Swedish secret music weapon Mohombi is dropping new bomb releasing brand new single "Dirty Situation" with the help of another world scale star Akon (I'll remind you that previously Nelly was featuring Mohombi's single "Miss Me").
Though before another song "Sex Your Body" was rumoured to become next Mohombi's single Sweden has got release of another dance track "Dirty Situation" and artist has already premiered trailer of video for this song. And this is what was a key to riddle of dance section in "Miss Me" video. This track is probably the most dancey Mohombi's song that can't be compared with any of other RedOne's works, it contains huge synths layers, energetic beats and African music influences folowing whole Mohombi's music direction. Due to trailer video is going to be not less great international shot than previous ones being impressive visually and choreographically.
On the other hand "Sex Your Body" sounds like a bridge between dance-sound "Dirty Situation" and more r'n'b "Bumpy Ride" with its heavy beat and chorus getting stomped to your head with simple but catchy melody line so definitely it wouldn't be bad choise to be released in some other countries. Check both "Dirty Situation" and "Sex Your Body" below.

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