Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Weekly meloupdate

Some news that you should know if you are melo/eurofan or just around to check if we're still alive here. I am! Just a bit slowing down with October hyper-activity on blog. But you're good guys, we've got few hundreds more stable visits and I'm really glad you're with Swedish Stereo, feel like home, don't be shy and leave comments so I'll better see which artists are more interesting for you and which one I should put under the spot more frequently.
Alright back to post theme!
13th Melodifestivalen participant is officially announced and it's... Babsan!
Lars-Åke Wilhelmsson is 52 years old artist who just like After Dark has started his career back in 80s as dancer, clothes designer and drag show artist. Through many years Babsan has become popular character participating in different shows and public events and as well Lars was quite in demand as designer making costumes for some huge musicals. Recently he also worked in tour with After Dark.
Babsan will perform the song "Ge mig en spanjor" rejected year before and written by Larry Forsberg, Sven-Inge Sjöberg, Lennart Wastesson - songwriters behind "Crazy In Love", "La Dolce Vita" and "Wherever You Go". So no doubts some classic schlager is expected. How does Babsan sound with schlagers? Check the song "Gala Jetset Babsan" written by Thomas G:Son below and you'll see.

From other news webbjokers countdown is coming closer to Top-5 when everyday now we get one participant with least number of votes out and right now there are 8 participants left and we still have 5 our favorites in fight, the biggest ones in danger are Fredrik & Magnus and Julia Alvgard so please-please-please vote for them! And don't forget about sweetest Engla, Jonas Matsson and Anton & Dejo. Here they are, our webbjoker-saviours!

Engla - Don't stop (#142)
Jonas Matsson - On my own (#240)
Fredrik och Magnus - Get out (#162)
Julia Alvgard - Better or worse (118)
Anton & Dejo - I wanna be with you (185)

And the last thing - remember I told you about our "Drama" we've sent to Webbjoker contest? Currently we've sent it to Swiss pre-selection so if you like the song you can help us giving just a few minutes of your time. Just register on this site, fill this form, click the confirmation link in coming email, log in, mark us with 4 at this page and push button below. Thank you dear readers!

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