Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Ace Of Base - The Golden Ratio

Swedish Stereo is coming out of weekly coma and I'll try to collect all those interestings things I've missed as soon as I can!
Let's start in alphabetical order... A... Ace Of Base! Ace Of Base is going to finally release "The Golden Ratio" as comeback-single in Sweden. Band has managed to succeed with their new album in Germany but now they're back to Motherland promoting new stuff appearing in different TV-shows and on one of them Förkväll they performed The Golden Ratio in acoustic and as more or less new female part of AOB is vocally new for us that's always interesting to check what they are about live, I should say it looked like very comfortable and confident performance for girls with no need to stand in front of huge public where that they probably aren't completely ready for, so it was enjoyable.
Band has also presented new mix of this song yesterday on their Facebook page, more nice dance light radio-friendly track than hard clubby thing, you're gonna love it if you like original version.

2 коммент.:

Paul said...

You are back :) Hurrah! Is it wrong that i'm already a little bit bored of ace of base? Perhaps the acoustic version will bring me right back in...

Damian said...

Thank you Paul :) Hope I'll get a bit more energy and inspiration with this working pause in my office.
I see your point, new stuff is not for years of listening but The Golden Ratio looks like the most optimal single choise for me so I'm ready to give it a new chance :)