Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Arash in dansband-project Abdullaz!

Arash and dansband, weren't these things created for each other? No?! You're so wrong!
Recently Arash revealed how his music career has actually started! It happened in his previous dansband-project Abdullaz, it was ok that these guys didn't know Swedish enough but their hearts belonged to the most Swedish music genre and they intended to get with these songs straight to the hearts of Swedish girls, and really how charming was that! Unfortunately nothing lasts forever and guys has gone different roads but what if once we'll get this legendary project back? Swedish dansband can finally get a chance to go international with name of Arash, just imagine! Ah, check yourself below.

Ok, seriously, it's another gorgeous scatch from Gabba Gabba, hope no one Arash's fan got heart attack!

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