Sunday, November 14, 2010

Amy Diamond - Greatest Hits

"Greatest Hits" compilation from Amy Diamond is out and it feels like a great celebration of huge music career of 18-year-old artist with many beloved hits and some new surprises on it. Let's check what new we've got on it.
First single "Only You" (cover of Yazoo's hit) from compilation surprisingly turned to be a ballad, probably not the best Amy's single so far but it got to Top-10 and sounding a bit childish it actually can be taken as idea to say goodbye to Amy's childhood before moving to a new era. Second single "True Colors" became another ballad and this time much more adult and touching ballad with loads of acoustic guitar and light country-touch, right what we like about Amy when it comes to live-performance! Another new song "Perfect" has a higher tempo, it's happy song full of life built on acoustic guitar riffs that you can easily imagine being performed in friends company. And the last new songs that I would really like to see as the next single is "Ready To Fly" - loud pop-song with anthemic beat and lovely strings being so popular and constantly successful these days in dance-pop - greatest among new Amy's hits! Compilation also includes acoustic versions of previous Amy's singles - "It's My Life", "What's In It For Me" and "Shooting Star" - great present to all fans and below you can see performance in the show "Piraterna" on SVT for kids where Amy's singing first two of them and "Champion". Remix for "Bittersweet" is another pleasant surprise for Amy's collectioners. Check some latest public performances of Amy promoting her "Greatest Hits" below.

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