Friday, November 26, 2010

September - Resuscitate me (in a full pack)

September celebrates her first #1 hit in Sweden "Mikrofonkåt", before only "Satellites" managed to reach #4 but participation in popular tv-show Så mycket bättre has really pushed her hard (due to Aftonbladet's poll around 70% of readers from more than 7000 voters think that Petra's covers are even better than her own songs) and Petter's cover made by her debuted right on the 1st place of Swedish chart.
Great time for starting promoting new solo-stuff and September is finally presenting new single "Resuscitate me" to the world and makes it with a whole bag of goodies with video and mixes for this song.
"Resuscitate Me" video was directed by Patric Ullaeus, Petra appears in it with new short hairdo dancing with cables attached to her hands and saving her soul when body needs some resuscitation with warm love memories. September who likes to play with dark lyrics in dance music ("Until I Die", "R.I.P.", "Flowers on The Grave" etc.) keeps dancing on a broken glass bringing together dramatical keys with life-asserting club beats and does it in her own recognizable way constantly attracting attention of pop-fans around the world.

Along with video full packed single with extended mix and also mixes from Buzz Junkies and Moto Blanco finally has seen the light. Moto Blanco provided slightly trancey light radio-track when Buzz Junkies has made club delight but still very poppy track with loud layers and heavy dance beat.

Going back to Så mycket bättre - theme of the latest show was dedicated to Christer Sandelin's covers (Style's vocalist) and as we guessed right Petra was singing "Vill Ha Dig" but in pretty original version as dark pulsating and hypnotizing electro-track with a beautiful strings section, we really hope it will be released on forthcoming compilation of Så mycket bättre. Petter has made another beautiful electronic version of "Hjärtats ensamma slag". Thomas Di Leva presented cover for one of the latest Style hits "Vill ha dig igen" in very close to original synth sound. Lill-Babs with "Fantasi", Lasse Berghagen with "Dover Calais" and Plura with "Den hon vill ha" kept it on more retro-field.

Plura - Den hon vill ha
Petter - Hjärtats ensamma slag
Thomas Di Leva - Vill ha dig igen
September - Vill ha dig i mörkret hos mig
Lill-Babs - Fantasi
Lasse Berghagen - Dover Calais

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