Saturday, November 6, 2010

Sarah Dawn Finer's concert from Moving On Tour

If you had no chance to visit concert of Sarah Dawn Finer's "Moving On Tour" P4 live gives you opporunity to enjoy it on their site.
Concert has started with first Sarah's album "A Finer Dawn" hit - "Stockholm At Morning", beautiful intro to a gig with blasting choruses bringing drive from the very beginning of evening. Right after it audience has got another early hit "I Wanna Try" in unexpected arrangement, hardly recognizable only with chorus start in this live and probably more calm and warm version. First performed song from "Moving On" album was "Right Track" - rhythmic song with attitude that is really rightest track for live session to play with vocal and to get public to sing along. "I Don't Need Your Love Song" as another great track to show all amazingness of Sarah's soul-vocal followed after. One of surprises of the night was duet-section contained songs Sarah recorded before with different artists - "Positive Vibrations" (Moneybrother), "The way we Were" (Fatboy), "Min bön" (Peter Joback), "Du som tog mitt hjärta" (Patrik Isaksson). Sarah was singing parts of these songs with her "manboys" (like she called her band musicians). Back to her own songs Sarah performed "Stay" released in her first EP "Sarah Dawn Finer" back in 2005 and it has got amazing guitar part presenting song in a bit more rockier style.
Time has come for some real bombs and Sarah presented "I Remember Love" she's debuted on Melodifestivalen-2007 with all possible charm of live-arrangement and logically great audience reaction. "Standing Strong" has taken audience out of beautiful trance of previous performance. Another brightest highlight of Sarah's concert was her biggest masterpiece "Moving On", it's crowds of goosebumps running all over your body, it's complete emotional breakdown and something as beautiful and touching as music can be. Sarah has finished with gentle piano performance of "For A Friend/Kärleksvisan" with a bit church feeling and tonnes of regrets that this brilliant concert is over but still advantage of radio-version is that you can always put it on replay ;)
Below you can see teaser of tour and setlist of whole programme.

Stockholm At Morning
I Wanna Try
Right Track
I Don't Need Your Love Song
Positive Vibrations
The way we Were
Min bön
Du som tog mitt hjärta
I Remember Love
Standing Strong
Moving On
For A Friend/Kärleksvisan

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