Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Vincent - Baby Hurricane (video)

Vincent Pontare's video for new single "Baby Hurricane" is unleashed and surprisingly trailer premiered before doesn't have anything common with this video.
Video shows Vincent in his childhood - as that Swedish baby hurricane wandering around wild nature of Northern Sweden, haunting cows, watching people swimming in lake after bath (it's all actually nice way to realize how nice Swedes relate to nature) and you're even gonna get daddy Roger playing himself. What a great idea? Name of Roger never was involved in Vincent's promotion but now when Vincent has earned huge popularity it looked like a great idea to get him into the video.
The song still sounds amazing and if you didn't pay proper attention to it before you need to try it again!

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Balti_Mary said...


Laura (EuropeCrazy) said...

That is the most "Swedish" video I've seen for a long long time. I liked it till the part when Mini-Vincent aimed that gun....but what a twist!

When I first heard the song I was a little disappointed that it wasn't as good as "Miss Blue" or "Don't Hate On Me", but it's really grown on me now. Do you have a release date for the album?

Damian said...

This is truly as Swedish as... I can't even find comparison, but it's what real Sweden outside big cities is about and it's very inspiring thing.
I also expected some more jazzy and poppy stuff from Vincent, Baby Hurricane is very sweet and atmospheric but I hope that next singles will bring Vincent back to more mainstream direction.
There's still no information about the album, I think they will release some more singles as this one hasn't charted.