Saturday, November 13, 2010

Nina Söderquist, Jessica Andersson and Sarah Dawn Finer in Doobiduets

Here I'm gonna give you tips about some brilliant latest performances at Doobidoo as every year it provides some brilliant collaborations and this year is not exception.

Nina Söderquist came back to the spotlights at Doobidoo collaborating with actor Kim Sulocki, very soon Nina is going to give a birth to her first baby and to see her huge performance after gorgeous performance on Melodifestivalen-2009 ("Tick Tock" was the best and the most underrated song of the year after "Moving On" in my opinion) is completely amazing as Nina is natural born entertainer, I hardly can name another artist putting as many artistry and expression into any performance. It's completely crazy performance of GES' "En Jävel På Kärlek" and this is so damn lovely!!!

Jessica Andersson with comic Tomas Pettersson performed rock'n'roll version of Roxette's "The Look". Both particiated in Diggiloo tour this year so it wasn't the first experience of performing together and it turned to be as full of life as rock'n'roll can be.

And the third Doobidoo-duet is from Sarah Dawn Finer and Claes Malmberg making cover for Lisa Ekdahl's hit "Vem Vet". And which are the greatest moments of this duet?
1) Trumpet imitating by Sarah. How does she do it??? She could make acoustic concert with only her vocal and trumpet by her voice. She could dig beatbox also and it would be amazing show! Seriously!
2) Flashback to 1994 when Sarah as 13-years-old girl participated in another tv-show with Claes.
3) Sarah by default. Why should I give other reasons when Sarah is so adorable and worthy to see in any live performance?

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