Friday, November 5, 2010

Ola - All Over The World

Feels like I wrote about this song thousand times but being one of the best songs of this year it deserves one more mentioning as Ola's single "All Over The World" is finally released and on the road to get love of international public.
Single contains not only this amazing song written by Ola and hit-team of Alexander Kronlund, Tony Nilsson and Mirja Breitholz but Spring-single "Unstoppable (The Return Of Natalie)" in acoustic version (you can't find it on iTunes but people claim that it appears on physical version, smart decision!). Ola doesn't stop appearing on TV whole year so here you can see performances of both tracks and Ola seems to be vocally on fire these days.

4 коммент.:

Anonymous said...

Does the new Remix of AOTW sound very different to the album version? I can't afford just to buy one single from cdon as I already imported that album.


Damian said...

Unfortunately can't say for now turnaround, I just can judge by sample on iTunes that doesn't seem to show some special difference. But I guess it'll come out on youtube very soon.

Myfizzypop said...

very wise single choice - great live performance as well, so i'm hoping this is a big hit for him :)

Damian said...

At least promotion of All Over The World pulled the album back to chart at #34. We're gonna see if single will chart next week. It's not in Top-200 of iTunes currently but physical release can give it a nice shot.