Saturday, November 27, 2010

Magnus Bäcklund - Julens Hemlighet

We keep track of multiple Christmas releases wave which is as massive this year as actually always and this time we've even got comeback of our beloved schlagerstar Magnus Bäcklund.
Seems like after break-up of popular duo Fame female part of it Jessica Andersson never disappeared for a long time and last year was especially active for her with release of debut solo-album "Wake Up" last Autumn, participating in Melodifestivalen with the song "I Did It For Love" and The Queen tribute tour "Champions of rock". But we didn't get to know a lot about her Fame-partner Magnus Bäcklund after release of his solo-album "Never Say Never" in 2006. This year his name floated out when Idol-2009 winner Erik Grönwall released debut-single "Crash and Burn" (not considering Idol-winning song) that turned to be cover from "Never Say Never". Small scandal as it was presented as original Erik's stuff but rush of attention to Magnus. However Magnus kept touring and was involved in music without some loud releases though. He's got hard times recently when his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer but after operation she's getting better and doctors are sure illness has gone so family has a chance to get back to a normal life and Magnus' getting back to his career with new Christmas single "Julens Hemlighet" - original track written by Alexander Holmgren, Anders Grahn, Troy Tuminelli and Juan Carlos Perez Soto. It's a classic sounding Christmas song with a proper warm feeling built on exactly that lovely schlager-tune you could expect from old good Fame-Magnus and you can enjoy its preview below.

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