Friday, November 5, 2010

Nicke Borg and Måns Zelmerlöw in Melodifestivalen-2011 and Webbjoker-finalists are defined!

Next year on Melodifestivalen don't stop surprising with some really intriguing names accompanied with really strong songwriters behind.
Here's another one. Nicke Borg from Backyard Babies will perform with the song "Leaving Home" co-written with Fredrik Thomander, Gary Wikström, Jojo Borg Larsson.
Backyard Babies is one of the most respectable rock-bands with more than 20 years history. Not to scare pop-fans of competition band plays quite accessible form of rock with some enjoyable melodic stuff and Epicentre team that co-wroted this song with Nicke and his wife (by the way another announced participant of Melodifestivalen-2011 - Pernilla Andersson is wife of Backyard Babies guitarist Dregen) has made some great stuff for Erik Grönwall, Sarah Dawn Finer, The Poodles, EMD and many-many others. They've already got song "Den Första Svalan" in MF-2008 with Alexander Schöld and has written some songs for Backyard Babies ("Nomadic", "Abandon") but as "Leaving Home" is described as ballad I guess we're gonna get something like "A Life To Die For" one of songs written by Epicentre for rock-band Treat (where Anders "Gary" Wikström perform himself).

List of Webbjoker-finalists is defined and we have 4 of our favorites in this list of 5! Completely amazing! I hoped that I'll get 2 but 4 is something completely unbelievable and it says that we're gonna get at least one really good webbjoker-song in competition. Final will be held next Monday on November 8th in 21.00 by local time and you'll be able to watch it on SVT site. So here they are - our lovely Engla with her jazzy schlager-bomb "Don't Stop", modern beautiful ballad "Better or Worse" from Julia Alvgard, sweet Summer pop from Jonas Matsson with his "On my own", raggae-pop goodies "I wanna be with you" from Anton & Dejo and the only song we haven't managed to fall for - "Tusen nätter" from the band BILLY - Gyllene Tider influenced punk-rock.

Engla - Don't stop
Jonas Matsson - On my own
Julia Alvgard - Better or worse
Anton & Dejo - I wanna be with you
BILLY - Tusen nätter

And last exciting news! Måns Zelmerlöw who already performed twice on Melodifestivalen is ready to support new participants. In Expressen he reveals that he's ready to start new label and Loreen who will perform with the song "My heart is refusing me" is the first artist their command work with. Måns is even going to be involved in performance. Sure it's gonna give Loreen bonus attention and we're not against as Loreen looks and sounds like really exciting candidate.

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Paul said...

yay to Mans involvement :) I am very excited about this. I'm sure the charming, cheeky and suave fella will make it a performance to remember. i am DYING for his festive album...

Damian said...

As Måns have won local Let's Dance show he's gonna be amazing supporting act as back-singer involved in choreography and as I see Loreen's big potential we can get Måns for whole season again :)