Saturday, November 13, 2010

Viktorious - When We Were 10 (video)

Viktorious premieres his first video for debut single "When We Were 10" and happily it's using those shots used in teaser presented earlier with some impressive images and though teaser looked more concentrated around tortured in some really original ways Viktor with a very toxic look here he's shooting all around with every bright image director's imagination is able for. The song was already mentioned by Popjustice and hopefully can become noteable hit outside of Sweden, finally it has everything - beautiful and catchy melody, fresh synthpop sound combined with some accessible pop-rock elements and Viktor's voice feels like international class so why not?
You can also check video from his release-fest, it's using studio version of "When We Were 10" with video of Viktor's performance but it's still interesting. Due to those who visited this event people say that Viktorious played 5 songs from upcoming album "I am Hope" and in common they sound in a style of the first single, that seems like really promising news!
Few days ago Viktorious performed as opening act for Adam Lambert's concert in Stockholm.

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