Thursday, November 4, 2010

Tejbz - To tha Face (feat. Pierre & Gwitha)

Morning rush of teen-punk-rock with energy kick of cold shower right into your ears.
Newborn hit from popular Internet video-gamer Tejbz (yes, I didn't imagine that it's possible to be very popular in this sphere as I don't play), guy makes videos from video-games and his channel on youtube looks popular so nothing to say about his music portfolio but this new song that managed to reach #1 in iTunes chart. He recorded it with Pierre - vocalist of punk-band Chemical Vocation - you should check them if you like this style as their stuff is quite enjoyable.
The song itself is quite lovely Blink-182 punk-rock, melodic and bringing all those sweet nostalgic feelings about beginning of 00s so "American Pie", videos of Offspring and first albums of Avril Lavigne, I've got a lot and hope you'll like it also!

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