Thursday, November 4, 2010

Daniel Adams-Ray - Svart, Vitt och Allt Däremellan

It's not really normal when all 10 tracks of just released album immediately get to Top-50 of iTunes-chart, right? In this case it feels like we have a deal with sensation and name of this sensation is Daniel Adams-Ray.
27-year-old Daniel was born Kenya and has Indonesian, Scottish and Swedish roots, his family moved to Sweden when he was 14. Later in school he has met his future partner by successful rap-duo Snook - Oskar Linnros, together they've managed to release two albums and stopped activity in 2006. This year Oskar came back with #1 hit "Från och med du" and Top-2 album but surprisingly Daniel has provided another #1 hit "Gubben i lådan" and his just released album "Svart, Vitt och Allt Däremellan" can become even bigger success than Oskar's one.
In common Daniel's album has a lot common with Oskar Linnros' album, much more than you could expect from two pieces of old project decided to make solo-career. Albums could be actually two parts of one, even talking about covers Daniel is shown with painted skin just like Oskar and in common similarity already says about very good level of "Svart Vitt Och Allt Däremellan". I would call this album mix of Salem-smelling uplifting and warm melodies ("Svart", "Lilla Lady"), gentle touching tracks with amazing instrumentals ("Voyeuren", "Förlåt Att Jag Aldrig Sagt Förlåt"), Veronica Maggio-styled sweet small "Vitt", epic "Gryningspyromanen" and loads of life-asserting dynamic songs like previous singles "Dum Av Dig" and "Gubben I Lådan" or "Medan Vi Faller". Daniel's voice sounds a bit softer and manner is a bit rappier than Oskar's so however you get personality of this album as quite different but still if you like "Vilja Bli" you're gonna love this one also, it's all about pure artistry, gentle melodies and delicate aesthetics.

1. Svart
2. Voyeuren
3. Gubben I Lådan
4. Lilla Lady
5. Förlåt Att Jag Aldrig Sagt Förlåt
6. Dum Av Dig
7. Himlen Luktar Plast
8. Gryningspyromanen
9. Medan Vi Faller
10. Vitt

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Laura (EuropeCrazy) said...

I am going to love this album, which has had some great reviews in the Swedish press! Of course I was a big fan of Snook so was very sad when they split up - but now we've got two great solo artists out of it, so it's even better. Well done Daniel...and well done Damian, another lovely review.

Damian said...

Shame on me I never even knew about Snook before Oskar has debuted this year. Now I'm intrigued if their stuff as good as guys do solo. Thans for kind words about review Laura :)