Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Love-theme on Idol-2010

Last episode was devoted to love and all contestants had to sing their covers for someone very special in their life. First one was Andreas Weise who was singing Jackie Wilson's "Higher & higher" for his mom, this time performance was a bit too anonymous mostly because the song didn't suppose any aсcent on personality. Geir Rönning nominated to leave contest already twice performed Marvin Gaye's "I heard it throught the grapevine" for his wife - another complicated song-choise for Geir and though he was vocally perfect as always performance looked also a bit boring. Otherwise Minnah Karlsson got gorgeous Adam Lambert's "Whataya want from me" devoting it to her brother and though maybe it wasn't as brilliant performance as two previous ones but it was emotional, properly dark and beautiful. Jay Smith was singing 3 Doors Down's "Here without you" for his wife who helped him to fight with his drug-addiction so whole story was touching and as expected the song fit Jay's voice perfectly though I still find his performances lacking energy for rock performance. Linnea Henriksson devoted her cover of Nina Simone's "My baby just cares for me" to her boyfriend and made it in the most comfortable for her jazzy style another time showing what a great entertainer Linnea is, it doesn't matter if you love jazz or not it's just tonnes of Linnea in every move and look. Elin Blom was singing Alphaville's "Forever young" for her father and it turned to be her strongest performance in my opinion, she's made this song 100% her own, vocal sounded great and very touching. Finally Olle Hedberg devoted Tom Petty's "Free fallin'" to his brother and it easily can be called another Olle's highlight in his history of the show as it sounded very comfortable for his vocal and Olle looked charismatic as always.
Geir and Andreas collected the least number of votes and Geir has left competition right in his birthday. Due to odds Andreas has the biggest chance to leave this week with Elin and Minnah having equal odds right after.

Andreas Weise – Higher & higher (Jackie Wilson)
Geir Rönning – I heard it throught the grapevine (Marvin Gaye)
Minnah Karlsson – Whataya want from me (Adam Lambert)
Jay Smith – Here without you (3 Doors Down)
Linnea Henriksson – My baby just cares for me (Nina Simone)
Elin Blom – Forever young (Alphaville)
Olle Hedberg – Free fallin' (Tom Petty)

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Paul said...

I thought Minnah was actually really good this week but Olle definitely stole the show for me. Partially because I love a bit of Free Fallin! Why did no one do this on X Factor American Anthems week?!

Damian said...

Olle was completely amazing for finishing the show. Seems like it's hard for him to find 100% his tuff for covers but when he gets it, really his songs, it sounds like a real bomb!