Friday, November 26, 2010

Idol-2010: rocking with classics

I've missed two of the latest Idol episodes so here's the compressed introduction to what happened on the show last two weeks.
Rock-theme on Idol was rolling from some old monster-hits to relatively fresh ones. Olle Hedberg performed The Rasmus' "In the Shadows" that was more proper to his comfortable zone but not enough to be stable. Elin Blom with Raibnbow's "I Surrender" sounded much more prettier making it more poppy though. No need to say Jay Smith was completely in this theme rocking with Primal Scream's "Rocks". Linnea Henriksson has made completely crazy performance with Mando Diao's "Dance with Somebody" with tonnes of expression she's able for. Minnah Karlsson's was a bit more cold trying to lift Van Halen's "Jump" but it was incredibly hard to lift this complicated song up. Andreas Weise also had difficult song "Start Me Up" by The Rolling Stones but he also couldn't be blamed for boringness of performance.
As a next stage participants should've sung in duets. Jay was singing U2's "Sunday Bloody Sunday" with Linnea and it felt a bit like year before when two faves Tove and Erik sang "Kids" together, it was quite lovely performance. Elin and Minnah provided schlager-version of The Ark's "Calleth you, cometh I" being compared afterwards with ABBA. Andreas and Olle has delievered less successful version of The Spencer Davis Group's "Gimme some lovin´" falling for bad song choise but looking tough in suits and sunglasses though.
However it was Elin together with (shock!) one of contest's faves Linnea who were left to the final duel and as it was expected Elin has left the competition.
Tove Styrke has become guest of the show presenting her new single "White Light Moment" with minimalistic but very beautiful performance.

Olle Hedberg – In the Shadows
Elin Blom – I Surrender
Jay Smith – Rocks
Linnea Henriksson – Dance with Somebody
Minnah Karlsson – Jump
Andreas Weise – Start Me Up
Jay Smith & Linnea Henriksson – Sunday Bloody Sunday
Elin Blom & Minnah Karlsson – Calleth you, cometh I
Andreas Weise & Olle Hedberg – Gimme some lovin´

Week later Idols have got theme of classic hits and some unexpected songs like Jay singing Madonna and Linnea covering ABBA. Andreas was back to his musical+disco field making colourful performance of Tom Jones' "She's a lady" and less alive but still bright Kool and the Gang "Celebration". Olle has started with David Bowie's "Let's dance" looking not so comfortable in terms of performance choreography but then has provided completely fantastic Elton John's "Your song" becoming 100% his own. Linnea has started with more dynamic "I can't help myself (Sugar pie honey bunch)" from The Four Tops that turned to be more usual/crazy Linnea's performance but than blown arena away with ABBA's "The winner takes it all". I've heard some really touching ballads from Linnea but this song touched me almost to tears. This is weird some performances hasn't appeared on youtube or were taken away but as soon as this one will appear, I'll let you know. I was more convinced that Minnah is good in ballads as in nothing else - "Always on my mind" from Willie Nelson sounded completely magic and incredibly beautiful with her voice. "I'm so excited" from The Pointer Sisters sounded more expectedly and suited Minnah's voice very well also. And another biggest surprise of the night was Jay who firstly fought with his rock-voice singing Frank Sinatra's "Fly me to the moon" and later provided epic performance of Madona's "Like a Prayer" appearing in kilt in the darkness with a smoke around. Jay grows as public favorite. Last week it was discovered that he smoked hashish few weeks ago but TV4 has decided not to disqualify him and seems like interest of audience has even grown so much that the question who will win has obvious answer. The only intriguing question is who will participate (to compete is not right word here) with Jay in final.
This time final duel happened between expected Andreas and again unexpected another fave Olle, and result wasn't shocking - Andreas has left Idol.

Jay Smith – Fly me to the moon
Olle Hedberg – Let's dance
Minnah Karlsson – Always on my mind
Jay Smith – Like a Prayer
Olle Hedberg – Your song

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