Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Gravitonas - The Coliseum EP

"The Coliseum EP" from Gravitonas is out and it turned to be even more amazing than previous "The Hypnosis EP" of the band, very concentrated and strong work.
Lead single "You Break Me Up" is the first ballad-single of the project - anthemic pop-rock ballad with the greatest instrumental you've ever heard from Gravitonas, you can find it sounding a bit final soundtrack-way and it would be soundtrack of really high level.
New instrumental movement from electronic music of "The Hypnosis" to live beats, guitars and massive strings keeps going on "Dry Your Eyes", it's more dynamic track but still thoughtful and with dramatic vocal part.
"Not Gonna Be Dancing" starts in pop-rock verse but growing with wild dance beat in chorus, stylistically it's like older brother of "Shameless" - more amateur and dark.
Final track "Youth Is Wasted On The Young" is probably the most BWOesque track of Gravitonas with dark synth melodic verses and dramatic choruses acompanied by Kites beat.
You can already check all the tracks below and I recommend you to do it right away!

UPDATE: It hasn't take a lot of time for "You Break Me Up" video to flow out. The darkest work of Gravitonas showing funeral of Andreas burried by Alexander himself but growing up with plants through the ground and coming back to life again. Deep idea and touching video, another piece of pop-art from Alexander Bard.

2 коммент.:

Paul said...

Loving this a lot. You Break Me Up is glorious and Not Gonna Be Dancing is epic. Loving the strings on it. Going to watch the video now. Full review obviously on the way :)

Damian said...

I actually love all tracks more or less but "Not Gonna Be Dancing" is something completely ecstatic and catchy as hell, hope it's gonna be next single!