Friday, November 26, 2010

Eddie Razaz - Safe

Soon we're gonna get brand new video for Rebound's next single "Psycho" that they shoot with Mikeadelika but for now we're staying with just two band's singles and we have nothing to do but discovering some unreleased pieces of their music.
Yesterday demo-record titled "Safe" sung by Eddie Razaz and written and produced among others by Chris Antblad (Sibel, Anders Ekborg, Larz Kristerz, Molly Sandén) has leaked on youtube and surprisingly though it's just a demo it sounds quite prepared and could easily be released on Rebound's album.
"Safe" is very calm minimalistic song in Bubbly-style with careless atmosphere where you don't really feel need in anything but synth, beats and Eddie's voice, very relaxing and enjoyable track.

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