Sunday, November 7, 2010

Animasola - Heaven is a place on Earth

Brand new discovery of Swedish Stereo is here and all you need is to open your mind, click Play and get addicted in 4 minutes.
Animasola is fresh rock-band from the west coast of Sweden that's not well-known for a wide audience yet but already can be called one of the most promising Swedish young rock-bands.
I'd like to present first hit of this band - "Heaven is a place on Earth". It's amazing mix of synth, pop and rock united in one energy punch breathing all those mainstream poppy little things you probably heard in another songs, your favorite songs and these are details which made you fall in love with them! Kent, Lambretta and other Scandinavian hit-wonders leaking to radiostations and music-shops all over the world are all here.
You should also check another beautiful piece of Animasola - track "Goodbye" on band's myspace page - beautiful track with another brilliant tune and magic atmosphere sewed of massive guitars part, strong beat and expressive vocal starting with fragile intro but finishing up in strong pop-rock radio-killer.

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