Monday, November 29, 2010

Sibel - Our Generation

I guess you've got we have a weakness for voice of young sweet Sibel, so it's definitely pleasant to discover some new pieces of her music and this new is completely brilliant!
American Disney channel has started airing new tv-show "Shake It Up" collecting some great forces for music decoration of series. One of songs was recorded by Sibel and googling a bit gave us information that it was written by Niclas Molinder, Joacim Persson, Johan Alkenäs and Drew Ryan Scott and it's not surprising information as this great Swedish songwriting team (Niclas, Joacim and Johan) worked a lot for Disney channel last time. Some recent examples are songs for "Jonas L.A." series soundtrack ("L.A. Baby (Where Dreams Are Made Of)", "Critical", "Hey You", "Things Will Never Be The Same") - all of them sound not less than epic! Niclas and Johan were long-time well-known as TWIN recording many significant hits in Sweden (Velvet, Da Buzz, Danny, Darin, Helena Paparizou, Charlotte Perrelli) and though they weren't involved in some big releases in Sweden last few years but being joined by Johan they've gone more internationally with songs for world stars like Ashley Tisdale and Charice.
"Shake It Up" is another great pop-song with promisng electro intro growing into energetic pop-track with powerful rhythm blasting in anthemic double pop-chorus, it's like "My Life Would Suck Without You" mixed with "Firework" so check it and I bet you should love it.

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