Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Mix my personality!

Salem al Fakir is currently on the way to promote his new single "Split My Personality" I've been talking about few weeks ago and finally single gets remix-treatment from who would you guess? Bassflow!!! So gentle autumn melancholic soundtrack turns to a loud powerful pop-anthem. I promise you're gonna love it! Thanx for the tips to Planet Salem.
From another Salem's happy news he was nominated as Best Composer on Swedish Music Publishers Association awards that will be held this Friday competing with RedOne, Max Martin and Oskar Linnros, impressive list? "Keep On Walking" was also nominated as Best Song with Johnossi's "What’s The Point?", Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance" and Oskar Linross' "Från och med du".
Darin doesn't seem to be in a hurry with promotion of his single "Lovekiller" (not that I complain, this song should confirm the status of massive hit of this year) and premiering "Lovekiller" video in a few months after single release he's officially releasing bunch of "Lovekiller" mixes. We've already heard Steffwell mix but here goes another one - Red Top mix - more clubby and energetic track with adorable hard beat.

3 коммент.:

kevin (ru) said...

"Compositor" is something new to English. :-)

Damian said...

Haha))) Thanx for mentioning Kevin, this is my sort of English - Rusglish :)

NLS said...

Bad Danny Remix, Good Salem Remix