Friday, August 20, 2010

Don't leave me now, I'm hollow...

Peter Jöback is really on fire this year, being one of the most respectable and beloved singers of Sweden with 20 years career he immediately became central media character when he was announced as participant of Melodifestivalen-2010 with the song "Hollow" of not less than Fredrik Kempe and Anders Hansson. But luck didn't follow Peter till the end and though he was odds favorite right till semifinal where he was unexpectedly beaten by Anna Bergendahl he finished right where previous Peter's song "En sensation" participated in 1991 - at #9 of the final and entered Top-10 of singles-chart.
However Peter was honoured to sing both on the concert devoted to Princess Victoria wedding and later on Victoria's day traditional concert (to be favorite of Royal family is not that bad thing at all, right?), he also got married and the only sad thing is that he doesn't seem to care a lot about his further releases for now. We still don't lose hope and can enjoy his last single "Hollow".

As well I need to share with you this STUNNING cover of "Hollow" made by young artist Marcus Örjehag. Marcus hasn't official page filled with info about him yet, only some Eurovision covers on youtube and this nice meeting with Hera Björk at Stockholm Pride. I bet this guy has very successful future career with such great voice so let's wish him luck!

And finally don't forget to check this pleasant performance of Peter in Grensen with one of his hits "Stockholm i Natt", he seems to be well-known in Norway so it's very nice to see warm responce from audience.

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