Saturday, August 14, 2010

Goodies pack from Eric Saade

Creative activity of Eric Saade this Summer is quite high to hardly follow all of events he participates in and it's obviously effective as his album keeps in Top-20 since its release in May and currently its at #5. Surprisingly third Eric's single "Break Of Dawn" didn't succeed quite well and as debut "Sleepless" has spent only one week in chart but one position lower - at #45 and though his team released new mix version of the song being made not less than Le Kid it didn't help a lot. You can check Le Family remix below and convince yourself it's a really worthy track.

Right now Eric starts promoting his new single - effort to comeback to his Manboy-pop with a song "Masquerade" written by Eric with Anton Malmberg and Tony Malm of Le Kid. In my opinion it's not as successful choice as "It's Gonna Rain" but still it's a good radio-pop song - modern, catchy, well-produced and finally it works very well with just released video. Plot of the video continues previous video for "Break Of Dawn" with Eric playing role of servant fallen in love with the noble girl and coming to masquerade ball rushing all of his passion right on her. Surprisingly noble family's not so enthusiastic about this schlager-orgy right in front of all the guests and right after Eric's losing his head on a ball he's losing it literaly in the end of the party.

Last week Eric was also honoured to present his new single on tv-show Lotta På Liseberg and as always performance turned to a huge entertainment for obviously happy audience with nice choreography and costumes.

And finally great news! You have a chance to visit Eric's concert virtually. Set of concerts is organized by Aftonbladet's awards Rockbjörnen and right here you can book your free ticket to Eric's concert that will be held on August 18th at 21 of local time. Among other performers who will also arrange such virtual concerts that you can get tickets for are Mando Diao, The Ark, Salem al Fakir, Ola, Robyn and Anna Bergendahl.

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Paul said...

Ooo you know i love a nice goodie pack from Eric :) Sad about BoD not doing so well, perhaps it is because the album is still selling brilliantly? I do adore the remix, but as I felt BoD should have been a Christmas single, I'm holding off playing it too much so I can feel like it's a bit new in December :P

Love the video (thanks for the link!) but love the description as a schlager-orgy even more. Wish i'd thought of that :) The tv performance is great too :)

Damian said...

Two great ideas Paul! One - BoD would be really great Christmas single, they could even release some acoustic version or upgrade with bells, running deers and loud Santa Claus' "HOHOHO!!!", no, seriously, it could do well! And another good idea - there are really already to many who bought the album and so there's no interest for loads of people to buy this song, they should release remix immediately along with original edit.

Céline said...

Hi !
I LOVE this song !
Masquerade ♥
You are fabulous!
I love your voice ... And you of course ! ;)

Bye ,

A big fan (French ^^)


Céline said...

Sorry but , my URL in the precedent message isn't good , that's the real .