Thursday, August 5, 2010

Jonathan Fagerlund + Sandra Dahlberg = Nord

Swedish stage has got new great duo and what makes it greater is that it consists of two loveliest artists - Jonathan Fagerlund and Sandra Dahlberg. Both are quite familiar for Swedish-pop lovers.
In a short Sandra Dahlberg originally started career on talent-show Fame Factory, performed twice on Melodifestivalen ("Här stannar jag kvar", "Jag tar det jag vill ha"), lived long time together and gave a birth to son Vilmer with another Fame Factory-Melodifestivalen artist Jimmy Jansson and though year before she's made comeback with the single "Ta på mig", it wasn't quite successfull and the single wasn't even released being very worthy though. Ah, I forgot to say that Sandra is the girl with amazing sense of humour and if you know Swedish, reading her blog can be very pleasant thing for you.
Jonathan Fagerlund is young artist who already managed to release 2 albums and to participate once in Melodifestivalen with the song "Welcome To My Life". Very positive and nice person as well.
Being good friends Sandra and Jonathan decided to create common project that Sandra initially announced quite originally to Expressen as a new dance-project with a lot of violins and nyckelharpas, they have made one German label interested and they were going to promote Nord in Germany. Due to Sandra's description they planned to perform in images of ice-prince and ice-princess with a lot of elk shit around. Sometimes it's difficult to see border between Sandra's humour and real plans so we decided to wait for some real appearance of Nord and got it at Stockholm Pride.
Initially Sandra and Jonathan performed solo all of their Melodifestivalen entries and Jonathan's single "Ready 4 It" and after that right on the stage they transformed to super-heroes in tight bright-coloured suits and big screens have demonstrated funny legend about these fairytale pop-saviours. Unexpectedly for us it was the end of the show but as Jonathan promised on his blog it was just a beginning of their project and Nord's music is on the way. How amazing would it be to get this schlager-duo back on Melodifestivalen and I will be quite surprised if it's not a secret plan of Nord.

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Paul said...

My god I adore Jonathan. I wrote about his during his first and second albums and we had a bit of an email back and forth occassionally. Charming fellow. Hasn't he grown up?!

Damian said...

Yep, he's definitely has loads of charm and modesty that is always appreciated. He's definitely grown and feel more confident on the stage (vocally as well). I think this duo is exactly what he needs - something really special for Swedish audience to finally stand-out and become really huge pop-artist. Appearance, voice and good singwriting forces are already behind him.