Tuesday, August 3, 2010

New mixes from Le Kid, Timoteij and Emilia De Poret

As the summer keeps going and dancefloors are eager to get you let's continue checking new fresh mixes from some actual Swedish stars.

Le Kid in a process of promoting their debut single "Mercy Mercy" released a pack of new different mixes, I can't say any of them lacks interest, Seductive Baguette Mix is very gentle chill-out track, Kaus Club Mix is more proper for the club dancefloor, Tore Jarlo Remix is not less adorable but as a mostly pop-fan I can't help demonstrating you fantastic Stay The Mix. As you probably know Felix and Märta from Le Kid produced Alcazar's hit "Stay The Night" together with Anders Hansson and "Stay The Mix" is "Mercy Mercy" wrapped into arrangement of "Stay The Night" sounding not less anthemic then Alcazar's song with a great tune of original Le Kid's track.

Timoteij's single "Högt Över Ängarna" following success of debut "Kom" (#2) reached #3 of Swedish chart last week. Thankfully band didn't leave us without some goodies and included 2 dance-mixes of "Kom" into it. Both are quite worthy but my choice for now is more eurodance CM Music Remix.

And finally Emilia De Poret who still make efforts of promoting her biggest hit "Pick Me Up" in US has just released video for the mix made by Richard Vission. It's just a shooting of Emilia dancing in some gorgeous clothes but after amazing expensive videos "This Ain't A Lovesong" and "Now Or Never" we can forgive Emilia a little rest for her budget.

Thanx to Marcin for the help with article.

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Paul said...

The Le Kid mixes are best, make the song dancetastic and it was already a little pop gem :) I'm dying for the Eric Saade mixes - have you heard them yet?

Damian said...

Unfortunately not yet. The song is still hardly promoted without proper success, this week it's hit-warning on Rix-Fm that's gonna give it a little push. I'll present it as soon as I'll get it :)