Sunday, August 8, 2010

Wish-list for Idol-2010

Waiting for the future season of probably best Swedish music TV-show (after Melodifestivalen) - Idol I'd like to make my wish-list of candidates which I'd love to see on casting again. It's quite usual thing when young talents try castings not one year and for example real diamonds of previous season Erika Selin and Eddie Razaz participated before but didn't reach the stage of Friday evening show so I'm really looking forward to see some amazing young people that I fell in love with year ago again.

Durna Erdebilci was the first casting entry in 2009, very touching fast-speaking girl with big eyes and strong vocal, she got Golden ticket to Stockholm but was too young and probably not completely ready for the show yet. After she missed big-stage casting it was revealed that jury wanted her out earlier than they did it but as well wanted to keep her further to keep audience hot about destiny of little sweet Durna longer, it was quite negatively met by press and public.

Daniela Breivik showed herself like a very self-confident and nice girl, starting her casting from discussing with Anders Bagge about his newly-dyed beard that was quite funny but after that Daniela sang "When You Believe" and totally convinced jury that this confidence along with such amazing vocals are what they really need. Unfortunately she didn't qualify to audience voting stage as well.

Sometimes Idol-castings get artists that you see first time and realize that it's artist from a big letter A. I had this feeling about Joy Himmelmark when I've heard her first time. Coming to casting Joy performed her own song "Little Miss Youth" and how beautiful it was! That moment I want only one thing - to get it in a full length and studio quality. Unfortunately she didn't reach public voting stage and this was the biggest mistake of jury in my opinion.

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