Monday, August 16, 2010

Some brilliant pieces of Summer with Sommarkrysset

Sommarkrysset keeps presenting some great hits of this Summer along with amazing performances. Firstly I should mention premieres of new Darin's song "Microphone" - one of the greatest tracks from just released album "Lovekiller" (Darin also presented his last single "Lovekiller") and comeback-single of Patrik Isaksson "Mitt Stockholm" - quite pleasant melodic song in usual Patrik's style. Lovestoned promoting currently single "Rising Girl" in Sweden has provided joyful performance of the song. Folk's favorite Ola who's ready to release his next album has sung his Summer hit "Overdrive". Fabulous schlager-diva Sanna Nielsen obviously beloved by the crowd presented her Summer single "Devotion" with choir and Celine Dion's "That's The Way It Is". Broken Door performed their hit "Angel" behind girls providing the most weird angelic choreography that could be imagined if real angels came down to dance at Gröna Lund stage but however it didn't make the song less brilliant and I should notice that soon band will release new single "In the Shadow". Rock-band Johnossi has also decided to perform well-known hit of this Summer "What's the point" as Oskar Linnros with "Från och med du" and Kikki Danielsson with "Let this light shine forever". Flo Rida was invited as foreign guest and being very well met by public performed David Guetta's produced "Club can’t handle me".

Darin - Microphone
Darin - Lovekiller
Johnossi - What's The Point
Patrik Isaksson - Mitt Stockholm
Flo Rida – Club can’t handle me
Sanna Nielsen - Thats the way it is
Lovestoned - Rising girl
Oskar Linnros - Från och med du
Ola - Overdrive
Broken door - Angel
Sanna Nielsen - Devotion

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Paul said...

Loving Microphone - it's really good isn't it? And amazing live :) The whole Darin album is such a treat. Oh and I'm so enjoying Lovestoned. Though really they should be mining a fourth or fifth single from that album now :)

Damian said...

Yes, Paul, it's completely amazing and I guess it's not only we who think so as currently Microphone is the highest Darin's on iTunes. I can't imagine already what Lovestoned should make to succeed, they're touring, making videos, performing on many tv-shows and finally it's one of the loveliest Swedish bands I've met, what's wrong with people???