Saturday, June 19, 2010

Big Royal Wedding update

Swedish music lovers keep enjoying by all the music stuff and events currently being held in Stockholm and yesterday everyone could've got a pleasure to watch a great concert in Konserthuset with some top-artists and surprisingly alive responsing audience, Victoria herself was incredibly charming and beautiful, but don't worry if you've missed it, you still can enjoy it here. You can find some really brilliant performances there. For example Sarah Dawn Finer performing her beautiful new single "Kärleksvisan" (Swedish version of song "For A Friend" from her last album), Salem al Fakir with his new devotional song "All Day Love" (that you can download for free on this site if you'll manage to be one of the first 5000) and magical charming performance, Lisa Nilsson with her version of Kent's song "Utan Dina Andetag" (that really loked like my personnal discovery of this artist who seems like a real classics of Swedish music), Peter Jöback with his cover Charles Aznavour's "She", Malena Ernman with some absolutely brilliant performances proving her like a real Goddess of the stage, Roxette with their comeback to a big stage, performance of "The Look" and standing ovations and other performances of Helen Sjöholm, The Real Group, Jazz Divas of Scandinavia (Cæcilie Norby, Silje Nergaard, Rigmor Gustafsson), Lars Cleveman, Magnus Uggla and others. You can check some of these performances below.

Sarah Dawn Finer & Lisa Nilsson - At Last
Peter Jöback - She
Helen Sjöholm - Hymne à l'amour
Magnus Uggla - Värsta grymma tjejen
Lars Cleveman - Nessum Dorma
Malena Ernman & Roland Pöntinen - Jeg Elsker Dig
Various artists - Can't help falling in love

Darin's releasing another devotional single "Can't Stop Love" for Victoria's marriage written by Tony Nilsson, very beautiful modern huge ballad that you can listen here, if you like Darin's ballads you should be totally satisfied with this song!

And don't forget to check some performances from Bröllopsstudio, you can enjoy by some amazing covers from EMD, Carola and Fibes, Oh Fibes!

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Glinta said...

Great! I laughed when I looked "Malena Ernman - Flight Of The Bumble Bee" and "Magnus Uggla - Värsta grymma tjejen". "Various artists - Can't help falling in love" make me smile, Swedish children very cute =)

Damian said...

Oh Malena's performance was absolutely incredible, how can someone not to like these tonnes of charm? :)

Anonymous said...

Hey i just met the Newlywed Last Night at Robyns All Hearts Tour in Boston!!! WHo wants to see the picture of them and I?

Damian said...

Me!!! :) Have you caught also Kelis and Dan or only Robyn? Was it as fantastic show as it supposed to be?

Anonymous said...

The show was out of this world Dan was my least fav, Im trying to see the NYC Show on Aug5th!