Monday, August 2, 2010

Live review of last 2 weeks (part 2)

Let's take a look now at what Sommarkysset was about in the second half of July and there were actually pretty loads of interesting things going on.
Winner of Melodifestivalen-2010 Anna Bergendahl performed her new single "The Army" that she plans to shoot video very soon for. With her original dress and hair in front of mass of green people she looked a little like alien princess but sure it's pretty nice how she currently makes some very positive experiments with her style transforming from next-door girl to a gorgeous pop-diva. Another long-awaited by many pop-fans performance was done by Le Kid, who were singing their debut single "Mercy Mercy" in a brightest colors and style of video for this song. Style performed medley of their best hits. Marie Serneholt and Sebastian Karlsson as a new musical-stars performed with the band of Grease. And as it was expected Martin Stenmarck promoted his "Everybody's changing" and Stockholm Pride stars Peter Gustafsson & Ankie Bagger were singing "Secret Weapon". Rock-part of performers in a faces of Shout Out Louds performing their new single "Fall Hard" and Ola Joyce with "Beautiful Loser" was also quite desrving attention. Among foreigh guests you could see Jon and Kato with the single "Turn the Lights Off" that have become very successful in Sweden and Eurovision-winner Lena with her famous "Satellite".

Style - Medley
Anna Bergendahl - The army
Le Kid - Mercy Mercy
Kato featuring Jon - Turn the lights off
Shout out louds! - Fall hard
Marie Serneholt & Sebastian Karlsson - Sommarkärlek
Ola Joyce - Beautiful Loser
Lena Meyer-Landrut - Satellite
Martin Stenmarck - Everybody's Changing
Peter Gustafsson & Ankie Bagger - Secret Weapon
Peter Jezewski and the bops - A fool such as I

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Poster Girl said...

I didn't realize Jon was actually going around performing the song! Good for him--it seems like he went through a tough period for a while, but it seems like he's got himself back together. I was pleased the song did so well, too--I wasn't expecting it to be a hit outside of Denmark.

It was nice to see Le Kid live.

"Beautiful Loser" definitely deserves some attention outside of Sweden, even if only on the Internet and not on the actual charts.

I would rather have Marie and Sebastian singing songs from new albums, but, hey, I'll take what I can get and they seem pretty well cast as far as Swedish celebrities with the right look/persona for those roles.

Paul said...

Some great songs here. I am adoring Le Kid more and more by the second. And I love Ola Joyce. Though every time I've written about him, i've had an email saying "please remove this post" which is very weird indeed!!

Damian said...

PG I would NEVER understood it's that Jon we used to know before, I remember him as teenager but now he turned to such a mature man but great that he didn't waste ability to come back to the stage.
I didn't expect also guys that Ola Joyce is quite popular and you know him so well. He was sort of discovery for me, I saw his myspace before and the songs I found there were nice but enough to catch me hard, it's like I discovered "Beautiful Loser" again for me.

It makes me quite sad when things like this happen Paul! I totally don't understand when artists or management don't let bloggers help promote new songs, in this case when artist has just started it's absolutely illogical!

I think we have a chance for a new stuff from Marie as she revealed that she wants to come back to MF and hopefully she'll try to use those credits she took for so much activity in SVT's programmes and will be invited.