Thursday, August 5, 2010

Ace Of Base - All For You

Probably I'm a bit late about new single of new Ace Of Base "All For You" but I've been waiting for a high-quality version to judge myself and you let you judge rightfully. Finally you can hear it below.
What can we say about the song. It's 100% what you can expect from Swedish dance-pop song - nice tune, lovely vocal performance, synth-breathing but quite poppy-arrangement and skillful production in common, it's all there. Problem about "All For You" is the status of old Ace Of Base as one of the biggest export-bands of Sweden, having legendary name it's difficult to make a huge comeback after a long break with just a good pop-stuff, you need to provide a new legendary hits which will be able to get new audience and compete with band's previous masterpieces. Can "All For You" be such a huge comeback-hit? I'm not sure it will be easy. Band is in the process of sending their single all around and big name will help to bring some attention to the song but it feels like public will need some real mind-blowing future singles. We have quite a lot of credits for Ace Of Base so let's relax and enjoy this nice song.

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