Sunday, August 1, 2010

Live review of last 2 weeks (part 1)

These days I'm sorta lost track of the biggest music TV-shows of Sweden and seems like the most actual thing around them recently was not even performances but drama around low viewing figures of Allsång På Skansen and some radical decisions media required from this show like replacing Anders Lundin with Måns Zelmerlöw as a new host, you can read it more detailed in interesting article of our dear friend EuropeCrazy. Speaking about performances I'm not gonna give give a full review this time but mark some most interesting highlights. Let's start from Allsång På Skansen.

Huge public favorite Salem Al Fakir gave performance of his 2 last singles "Keep On Walking" and "4 O'Clock" well supported by audience, the last one turned to be especially joyful with such a wonderful public feedback.

Salem Al Fakir - Keep On Walking

Oskar Linnros has recently released album "Vilja Bli" that peaked at #2 and as I still can't write review of it you should also visit EuropeCrazy to read interesting review there. Oskar also performed his 2 last singles "Från och med du" and "Ack, Sundbyberg".

Oskar Linnros - Ack Sundbyberg

Jasmine Kara who just released her debut album "Blues Ain’t Nothing But A Good Woman Gone Bad" and autobiography "Hälsa henne att hon ska dö" performed already familiar for audience songs "In The Basement" and "Try My Love" showing all of her sweetness and amazing voice (still one of my top-candidates for Melodifestivalen-2011).

Jasmine Kara - In The Basement

Mando Diao has chosen 2 biggest chart favorites "Dance With Somebody" and "Gloria", very high-level performance that you can expect from one of the most popular Swedish rock-bands.

Mando Diao - Gloria

And sure I need to mention amazing medley of Real Group singing some most notable Swedish export-hits mostly from Golden Cheiron era, much appreciated!

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Laura (EuropeCrazy) said...

Great review...and thanks for mentioning EuropeCrazy of course :) I'm still looking forward to reading your review of Oskar's album too ;)

Damian said...

Never mind dear, if I can support friends ин дштлштп I always do ;)
By the way didn't expect such a huge expression from Oskar's performance and folk supported him so great!