Sunday, August 8, 2010

Anders Fernette - Lola (video)

Anders Fernette's working hard not only on his music career but on his body as well to become proper top-looking pop-star, having Brad Pitt's image from "Fight Club" as icon he needed just 3 months to come from his condition on the right photo to the left one, doesn't his trainer Martin Brinde deserve some awards for such impressively efficient programme?
Getting brand new body Anders has shot video for his latest single "Lola". Quite nice video with a plot rolling around club where Anders seems to work for everyone - security, waiter, cleaner, DJ so misterious Lola doesn't have any escape not to get to Anders' web. As I'm not so professional in solving music videos twisty plots as our precious friend FizzyPop I'll better leave understanding of this video to you dear Swedish Stereo followers.
Comparing with previously successful single "Hungry Eyes" (#5) "Lola" didn't succeed a lot (#23) but still it's brilliant point of Anders' music portfolio that many artists would like to get as the song is brilliant.

2 коммент.:

Paul said...

haha love the shout out, thank you! Am really liking this - how it passed me by is beyond me. Perhaps i will do a breakdown along with the new Eric Saade video :)

Damian said...

Really looking forward :) However Anders' video is very nice, it's like a male version of September's We Can Do It.