Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Alcazar are back in full glamour at Bingolotto!

It was really tough year for Alcazar. First time in their career they've failed to reach final of Melodifestivalen that turned to a big shock for the band, however their song "Headlines" has become another Top-10 hit in Sweden and band started to prepare for Summer Diggiloo-tour when Lina's problems with health turned to be critical and bleedings causing collapce during one of rehearsals forced her to stop work and Andreas with Tess had to keep giving planned concerts without her. However Summer turned to end happily for the band. Andreas has made marriage proposal to his boyfriend Niklas Hogner during interview on the radio and has got confirmation in a few minutes by phone (they plan to get married next year). Lina has got better, come back to work and moved with Nassim al Fakir in their new love nest in Stockholm. So finally they are back, Gods of glamour and disco - Alcazar! Check their performance at Bingolotto (though I never was a fan of this song, Alcazar lifts every song by performance 10 feet higher).

If you've missed earlier few weeks ago Annikafiore (amazing ex-part of Alcazar) debuted as solo-singer singing Official Copenhagen Pride Song 2010 "Forbidden Love" - dark electronic experimental track that got video-treatment that you can watch below (you can also check new Annnikafiore's site). It's difficult to call hit-stuff but every step of this brilliant artist will always be very welcome in Swedish pop fans community and hopefully we'll get other new songs from Annikafiore soon.

Finally I'd like to share with you these few funny old videos which I've discovered recently made by drag show Diamond Dogs, in first one you can see day of Diamond Dogs with Alcazar and in second Andreas protecting his privacy from Diamond Dogs following every his step.

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