Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Anna Bergendahl - The Army (video)

Anna Bergendahl's releasing video for the second single "The Army" from her debut album "Yours Sincerly". Song is written by the same team of Bobby Ljunggren and Kristian Lagerström standing behind her biggest hit "This Is My Life" and the song was album's favorite of many. Quite rightfully I should say. The song goes in the same style as previous single, it's very tender pop-song with magic, fragile atmosphere starting to grow from part of acoustic gutar, march-like drums and Anna's voice lifting energy with beautiful strings and touching, powerful melody in chorus. Video for the song is very summerish, Anna looking gorgeous in a beautiful dress that she presented recently at Sommarkrysset and new hairstyle is sailing in a boat, falling asleep in a grass and walking on a riverside along with her white army of young people with waving flags. Very high-standard work that you could expect from the winner of Melodifestivalen.

2 коммент.:

Paul said...

I was wondering if I should spend more time with Anna. I think i've unfairly ignored her because i was angry that Eric was beaten into second place at melodifestivalen :P But i guess he's done well enough. Will I enjoy it do you think>?

Damian said...

This is normal thing when you're so into artist at music competition and someone else win, it can take months or even years to realize that the winner is not bad at all :) I really recommend you to give Anna's album a listen Paul, there are a lot of worthy tracks. I think that at least few songs will catch you :)