Thursday, August 12, 2010

Anniela - My Confession

Anniela is relatively new artist in Swedish music, she's just 20 but she has already managed to get support of label Hitworks having this year huge success with Neo who rocketed his career in Sweden after performance on Melodifestivalen-2010. Year ago Anniela released her debut single "Strip Teaser" and then as label decided not to drag too long with the album Anniela released her first CD "Extravaganza" - quite tasty pop-dish recommending Anniela as really promising new artist with a baggage of qualitative fresh and melodic stuff.
Already in a year after her debut Anniela has started working on her second album and first single "My confession" was written and produced by Hitmanic (Ola's "Unstoppable", Sofia Berntson, Ola Svensson, Alice Svensson, Sibel, Jan Johansen) with the help of American writers Jon Bivona and Mark Mangold and mixed by Jonas Westling.
"My confession" starts with dark techno-verses pulsing in a hard beat covered by cold but not passionless Anniela's vocals bursting in a glorious chorus with amazing melody spilling out incredible amount of energy physically not letting you sit on the place.
Being hardcore pop-survivor Anniela seems to catch very well what's necessary to make a strong music stuff, new single's leading her to a new level and this work obviously can't be unnoticed by any pop-fan.

4 коммент.:

Anniela said...

Tack så väldigt mycket för denna fina rescension:) Det betyder otroligt mycket för mig!!

Damian said...

Oj vad skönt att se dig här Anniela! Hoppas att alla dina nya låter är inte mindre gryma och jag ska skriva mycket om dig vidare :)

Anonymous said...

Nice review! But actually the song wasn't written by Jonas Westling. He's the mixer. It's written by Bivona/Hitmanic/Mangold, produced by Hitmanic, and mixed by Westling. =)

Damian said...

Thanx so much for correction! I've fixed single credits :)