Saturday, August 14, 2010

Lotta på Liseberg: review of final episodes

When Allsång På Skansen was losing its viewers previous weeks Anders Lindin's biggest rival Lotta Engberg has lost something more important - voice, right before the final show - during programme, how catastrophic! It turned worse and worse every time she started to read her text and finally she ended up standing behind Jill Johnson who was asked to finish show instead of Lotta, you can watch full drama here. But thanx God she has recovered closer to the last show and closed season of Lotta På Liseberg-2010 with all usual expression and charm.
Let's see who was invited to last shows in Liseberg. Firstly it was Timoteij who performed both of their hits "Kom" and "Högt över ängarna", girls were sweet as always. Eric Gadd who recently released new album "Rise Up!" (peaking at #6 of Swedish chart) that I'd like to tell you about soon presented last single "Rise Up!" and his old hit "My Personality". Måns Zelmerlöw and Maria Haukaas Storeng as always perfectly performed their collaboration "Precious To Me" (how pity it hasn't become hit in Sweden yet). Lill-Babs have sung Carlene Carter's old song "Full orkan". One of the biggest public favorites Andreas Johnson performed his biggest international hit "Glorious" and single-2006 "Sing for me". Cookies n Beans have pleased people with their unique voices and songs "First we take Manhattan" and "Kings & Queens". Melodifestivalen-winner Anna Bergendahl presented her platinum single "This is my life", song "Got my heart in your pocket" from her debut album, Robert Broberg's cover "Båtlåt" and duet with Jill Johnson "Why do you come in here looking like that" - Dolly Parton's cover that Jill released 3 years ago with Nina Persson. Jill also was singing Eagles' cover "Desperado" and Ted Gärdestad's "Oh vilken härlig dag". And Rigo performed summer set of "La bamba", Claes-Göran Hederström's "Det börjar verka kärlek banne mig" and "Stockholm ström" in his own original style. Last show featured Eric Saade who was singing three of his singles "Manboy", "Break Of Dawn" and "Masquerade", Caroline af Ugglas presented new songs "Du får tycka om mig" and "Vill kunna säga förlåt" from her new album planned for release in September and Tommy Körberg has been singing Astrid Lindgren's "Fattig bonddräng" and Neil Diamond's "Red red wine".

Timoteij - Kom
Timoteij - Högt över ängarna
Eric Gadd - Rise Up!
Eric Gadd - My personality
Måns Zelmerlöw och Maria Storeng - Precious to me
Lill-Babs - Full orkan
Andreas Johnson - Glorious
Andreas Johnson - Sing for me
Cookies n Beans - First we take Manhattan
Cookies n Beans - Kings & Queens
Anna Bergendahl - This is my life
Anna Bergendahl - Got my heart in your pocket
Jill Johnson och Anna Bergendahl - Why do you come in here looking like that
Anna Bergendahl - Båtlåt
Rigo Pencheff - Stockholm ström
Rigo Pencheff - Det börjar verka kärlek banne mig
Rigo Pencheff - La bamba
Jill Johnson - Desperado
Jill Johnson och allsång - Oh vilken härlig dag
Gäster och allsång - Beatlesmedley
Eric Saade - Masquerade
Eric Saade - Break of dawn
Caroline af Ugglas - Du får tycka om mig
Caroline af Ugglas - Vill kunna säga förlåt
Tommy Körberg - Red red wine
Tommy Körberg - Fattig bonddräng

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