Monday, August 23, 2010

Anorah's releasing brand new... Zelda!

Congratulations from Swedish Stereo go to amazing Anna Nordell aka Anorah - one of our most beloved Swedish singers! Little earlier this Summer Anna with her husband Samuel Engh gave birth to their first child Zelda and you can already see this nice baby on a picture above. We wish this new family all the best and hope that little sweet Zelda will grow as talented and beautiful as her mother!
If you didn't hear about Anorah a lot I'm gonna list reasons why I love this artist so much.
- Vocals for last E-Type's albums "Loud Pipes Save Lives" and "Eurotopia" ("The Predator", "Dans La Fantasie", "Ding Dong Song") and for one of the best Bomfunk MC's singles "Turn It Up"
- Cool duets "Drømmer jeg?" with Danish singer Johnny Deluxe and Finnish Mighty 44 "This Love".
- Participation in Da Buzz side-project Random with 2 very nice singles ("Fly Into The Sky", "Miracles").
- Multiple participation on backing parts of truly greatest Melodifestivalen entries "Hero", "Hope & Glory", "La Voix", "Vad Du Än Trodde Så Trodde Du Fel" and "Finally" (when Anna appeared on the stage herself with Fredrik Kempe).
- Glorious Danish MGP performance with the song "Laying down my cards".

- Loads of vocal contributions for some great releases of Kate Ryan, Da Buzz, Lindsay Lohan, Diana DeGarmo, Celine Dion and many others.
- Single "Där finns du än" that I've received just a few weeks ago and that I really love.
- And finally her absolutely fantastic debut album "Like He'd Do" that unfortunately never was released physically.
Another highlight of Anna's career was last year when after few years of rejects at Melodifestivalen her song "Never Heard Of Him" has leaked to myspace and...was received to MF! Sure soon leak was discovered by SVT and the song was disqualified.
Sharon Vaughn among other songwriters use to work with Anna and recently we could hear new beautiful demo-song "Dreamers Don't Get Much Sleep" sung by Anorah on her myspace page, soon it was deleted and replaced with another Anorah's demo for Delta Goodrem's "The Guardian" that sounds even more emotional and beautiful than final version so come and check it and "Dreamers Don't Get Much Sleep" right below.

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Poster Girl said...

Hear hear.

Anorah never gets the love she deserves from the general public. This post is a great celebration of her, though.

Damian said...

Not as great as Anorah herself but I tried, thank you PG :) And sure I've missed some things that I love about her like her video-blogs. I wonder why she never appeared on the stage of MF after "Finally"? She was standing behind the stage singing "Hero" but couldn't be visual part of performance, it could be such a great point of her artistic portfolio.

Anonymous said...

OMG, thank you for your absolutely fantastic words! So honored that you wrote all these touching words Damien!

Much love!

//anna "anorah" nordell engh :) ...Lot´s of names to keep track of;)

Damian said...

Ah, how fantastic to see you here Anna!!! :)
You deserve all the kindest words in the world and I really hope you will be soon back to new music recording and hope that Zelda won't mind :) Loads of love to her and to you my dear! :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you my friend!