Saturday, August 21, 2010

Blowsight: from metal-Britney to metal-Gaga

It happened so that 2 of my favorite rock-covers of world hits came from Sweden and are made by All Ends ("Apologize") and Lillasyster ("Umbrella") (I should also mention blixx - though this guy is from Finland but don't hesitate to check his youtube page to see what a cool rock-covers can some of your beloved pop-songs get). Recently I've found 2 new great covers and both belongs to young Swedish popmetalpunk band Blowsight.
Blowsight was formed 7 years ago by Flavia Canel (guitarist of quite famous rock-band Drain STH), lately she's left but band didn't stop breaking through, in 2007 they were signed and released debut single "I'll Be Around" and quite strong melodic rock album "Destination Terrorville". Last winter Blowsight one by one released covers of two monster-hits previously performed by Britney Spears and Lady Gaga and both became utterly tasty. Right now band's promoting their new single "Bandit For Life" but I'd like to show you previous singles.

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