Monday, August 23, 2010

Kobojsarna - La Perla

This time I'd like to present you quite well-known eurodance-act inside of Sweden but still not so popular outside (except Norway).
Kobojsarna was formed in 2003 by Mikael Danielsson, Emil Carlin and Richard Pettersson and in 2006 they've made a huge breakthrough with hit "Sång om ingenting" marking themselves as new promising followers of Basshunter's and Cascada's direction being immediately signed by Warner Music Sweden. Next singles "Studentsången" and "Jag vet du vill ha mig" in a similar key were released a bit later in 2007 and have also entered Swedish chart.

And though in 2008 band has fallen out of my spot and didn't appear in charts anymore they've been touring, recording, progressing and releasing new singles ("Bambi", "Another One", "Unbelievable").

This year they've started to experiment more with rock-sound (that they've already explored in "Another One") mixing it with club music in new single "Burn It To The Ground" and pure eurodance-joyful "La Perla" - crazy mix of most brilliant moments of Cascada, Basshunter, E-Type, Waldo's People and other modern classic eurodance-acts with killer-beats, computerized vocals and beautiful synth-layer. Debut album of Kobojsarna "World Domination" is planned for the close future and you can legally download "La Perla" here from official site of the band.

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Paul said...

the middle one is quite cute. Now i really should at least check out the new music :)

Damian said...

It's pity we don't have a lot of new exciting Swedish pop-releases last days but I'll try to discover something this weekend :)