Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Lucky Twice - Love Song

We've been waiting for this release half of year and finally we've got it! Lucky Twice's new single "Love Song" has leaked on youtube and though the quality isn't fantastic you can really enjoy this track with the sound of debut album of Lucky Twice. If you loved it you will like this song a lot as well!
Just to remind you about Lucky Twice. This Swedish pop-duo was born back in 2006 consisting of Hannah Reynold and Sofie Larsson and being supported by one of the best Swedish producing team (brothers Von Der Burg and Anoo Bhagavan) working with talented manager Victoria Ekeberg (September, Gathania, Nexx) girls immedately rocketed with debut single "Lucky" all over Europe and even on Far East in Vietnam with next single "Hop Non Stop". This one and third "The Lucky Twice Song" single were released and succeeded a lot in Spain but unfortunately weren't received very well in homeland. However debut album "Young & Clever" has become pure pop-joy for all the lovers of September's beats, catchy tunes and tons of sweet Swedish melodics. Since that Sofie Larsson has left the band (currently she's working on new project Twisters wit her brother Johan) and she was replaced by Emelie Schytz, Lucky Twice took quite long pause but didn't break up.
Last winter scandipop announced breathtaking news that brand new band's single "Love Song" is preparing for release, unfortunately something went wrong with it and seems like producing team has changed their minds about release of the single and decision is quite understood as the song is good old Lucky Twice in all their perfectness with joyfull Abbaesque melodies, infectious baselines and great beats but probably band needs some changes to come back different and evaluated. So getting this little tasty pop-piece we're ready to wait a little bit more for girls to come back!

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JP.M said...

Hi everyone , I think of you from France, this little song is very good, kisses and sonn...JPaul

Damian said...

Thank you, JPaul, have a great weekend with some great music ;)

Venda alias Tom patrick said...

YXeah wow, its super than lucky twice have new single. In September i will be realised with my friend owv book with the name CITY MEANS and one person is inspirated by HANNAH REYNOLDS!!!

Venda alias Tom Patrick - Czech republic!!!

On facebook i am with the name Tom Patrick - the group CITY MEANS - MĚSTO PLNÉ NÁVRATŮ. Here are more pictures!!!

Bye Hannah and Sophie.

Tom Patrick said...

Tom Patrick

Czech republic

absolutly fabious song as Hannah Reynolds - number one beauty girl, more beuatiful than Megan Fox. I Love you, so my book City Means is one person inspirated from you, Hannah - she is calling Alexandra Janová.

www.eldar.cz/savalba - here is my web side, you can the book have got, but its in Czech languages, sorry, Hannah