Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Rebound! - Not Helpless (finally!!!)

We've been waiting for it since May and finally it happened! Second Rebound's single "Not Helpless" recently was released on "NRJ Summer Party 2010" compilation and you can already enjoy it on youtube. The song perfectly keeps the style of the band containing r'n'b influenced verses, electro-pop vibes and infectious dance chorus with repetitive final string being completely stuck in your head after first listen. Official release single due to Rebound's blog is coming in the nearest future, next week the single goes to the radio and though guys are still very unsure about their future and touring around Sweden with programme consisting of popular hits covers in the mixes of Sara Varga, it's obvious that they've got a huge fans-army for the last year since they appeared on Idol casting and new Rebound's stuff is on the way.

By the way you can check this site and found out some nice specially recorded ringtones with Eddie's vocal (The Curtain, Hej Hej, Arvika and Get to), my favorite one is "The Curtain" - pleasant track with a nice Spanish fiesta-relaxing mood and Eddie's melodic velvet vocals along with female Laleh-like voice.

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Paul said...

Love that picture of Rebound. The track is fun too! I assume they will probably have an album out at some point?

JP.M said...

Hi everyone, tomorrow, the new single to Kim Wilde!!!! kisses from France JP.M

Anonymous said...

This duo honestly doesn't do anything for me. The music has been done before and so much better. They are so obvious a product from Swedish Idol and I wonder if they will even exist after this years season of Idol? Tove Styrke is so much more original. Hope we get to hear more from her soon.

Damian said...

They try not to tell about any album plans Paul, it's like their label hasn't defined anything yet but with all those fans they've got I'm sure album is just a question of time.

JPaul, Kim's single is as amazing as her video, completely stunning, I didn't even expect.

Anonimous, I understand you, it's commercial pop that doesn't clicks anyone. I like both Tove and Rebound, they're just talented in their own way and Tove's uniqueness is out of question but for now seems like Rebound has started their way in charts more confidently and I'm pretty sure they won't be forgotten as there's no one else on Swedish stage successfully making this kind of music right now. I also really hope to listen new Tove's stuff very soon, this girl has to breakthrough!