Thursday, July 15, 2010

Victoria Day-2010

Yesterday Sweden celebrated 33th Birthday of Princess Victoria.
Every year Royal family and a lot of most respectable artists are invited to a big concert devoted to this day. This year was a little exception as Princess after her recent marriage was in her Honeymoon trip but all the rest of the family attended concert in Öland.
Concert was opened by Swedish pop-queen Charlotte Perrelli looking and sounding real fierce with Tina Turner's cover "River Deep Mountain High" and Sofia Karlsson's "Nu är det gott att leva". Another big schlager-name and newlywed Peter Jöback performed his own songs "I Allt Jag Ser", "En sång om oss" and The Divine Comedy's "Absent Friends". Gorgeous pop-diva Lisa Nilsson (who just like Peter was performed this year on the concert devoted to royal wedding) performed songs "I Samma Andetag" and "Himlen Runt Hörnet" which were included in her newly released compilation. Melodifestivalen-winner Martin Stenmarck performed his new single "Everybody's Changing" and "Som En Vän" from the album "I Septemberland". One of the most popular Idol-graduates Amanda Jenssen performed "I Choose You" from her last album. Schlager-veterans were diluted with young schlager-blood of Eric Saade who presented his biggest hit "Manboy". And I should also mention very nice performances of school cello-quartet from Lilla Akademin and fiddler Görgen Antonsson. Check whole concert here.

Eric Saade - Manboy
Charlotte Perrelli - Nu är det gott att leva
Charlotte Perrelli - River Deep, Mountain High
Peter Jöback - En Sång Om Oss
Peter Jöback - Absent Friends
Lisa Nilsson - Himlen Runt Hörnet

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Paul said...

God Eric is everywhere at the moment isn't he, which i am super pleased about but hope the boy gets a nice day off soon!!

Damian said...

I think Timoteij and Eric have got as much from Melodifestivalen this year as no one else! There's no rest for Eric though long time yet as now he needs to promote "Break Of Dawn" that didn't really succeed yet, maybe mix will help to find the road to public.