Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Erik Hassle - Taken (Still In My Blood)

Erik Hassle's creative activity has no limits and as usual no matter if it's acoustic covers or completely new studio tracks it turns to be a brilliant pop-stuff, guy has a perfect taste that you can rely on.
Erik presented brand new track "Taken (Still In My Blood)" on his site (thanx for the tips to our reader Kevin) and if you like previous Erik's stuff you're gonna love it! Song starts from a dark synth and depressive verses with a deep pulsing beat finally blasting in expressive emotional chorus that you could expect from Erik. Stuff undoubtfully deserves to be single-material but as the last Erik's single "Standing Where You Left Me" last week peaked at #32 of Swedish chart probably there's still a lot of work till we'll get a new one. So let's enjoy with what we've got!

Also don't forget to check bootleg cover that Erik recently has made for Stromae's "Alors on danse" (thanx for the tips to scandipop), instrumental of original track was completely kept, just with Erik's vocals and English lyrics. Very interesting experiment though I have big doubts about its future.

2 коммент.:

Paul said...

I really like this, it fits my mood perfectly today and it's quite lovely when songs do that isn't it?

Damian said...

I already read about all your recent troubles and realize why it fits your mood :)) The song is completely brilliant, just fantastic beautiful, but hope happier stuff will fit your mood more frequently :)